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A Journal of Ancient Medieval and Modern Civil Law

Roman Legal Tradition is a peer-reviewed journal published online by the Ames Foundation and the University of Glasgow School of Law. ISSN 1943-6483.

The journal aims to promote the study of the civilian tradition in English. The editors welcome contributions on any aspect of the civilian tradition in ancient, medieval, and modern law.

All articles and reviews published in Roman Legal Tradition are available from this site free of charge. In addition, all articles and reviews are also available to subscribers of HeinOnline. We encourage readers to use and distribute these materials as they see fit, but ask readers not to make any commercial use of these materials without seeking the consent of the editors and relevant authors.

Articles.   The contents for all issues are here. The articles are in PDF format. They may be saved and printed without restriction.

Index of Sources.   This is a full index of the primary sources cited in the first five volumes, divided by category.

Guidelines for Contributors.   These guidelines are provided mainly for the benefit of those who are providing final copy to the editors.

Contact Information and Subscriptions.   This page contains details for editorial communication with the editors, subscriptions, and purchase of back issues.

The first three volumes were published by the Roman Law Society of America, with the support of the University of Kansas Law School, and appeared both online and in print under ISSN 1551-1375. Back issues of Volumes Two and Three are available from



Prof. Ernest Metzger University of Glasgow

President of the Board of Editors

Prof. Charles Donahue, Jr. Harvard Law School

Book Reviews

Prof. Bernardo Periñán Gómez Pablo de Olavide University

Board of Editors

Prof. Leanne Bablitz University of British Columbia
Prof. John W. Cairns FRSE University of Edinburgh
Dr. Simon Corcoran University of Newcastle
Prof. Michael Crawford FBA University College London
Dr. Paul du Plessis University of Edinburgh
Prof. Robin Evans-Jones University of Aberdeen
Prof. Bruce W. Frier University of Michigan
Prof. Jill Harries FRSE University of St Andrews
Dr. C. Humfress Birkbeck College, University of London

David Johnston QC Faculty of Advocates
Prof. Dennis P. Kehoe Tulane University
Prof. Andrew D. E. Lewis University College London
Prof. Adriaan Lanni Harvard Law School
Prof. Geoffrey MacCormack University of Aberdeen
Prof. Thomas A. J. McGinn Vanderbilt University
Prof. O. F. Robinson FRSE University of Glasgow
Dr. Benet Salway University College London
Prof. Adele Scafuro Brown University

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