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Volume 3 [2006]

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Justinian's Digest: The Distribution of Authors and Works to the Three Committees
Tony Honoré
Pp. 1–47

Res Sanctae in Gaius and the Founding of the City
David J. Bloch
Pp. 48–64

The Acquisition of Possession in Legacies per vindicationem in Classical Roman Law and its Influence in the Modern Civil Codes
Lourdes Salomon
Pp. 65–78

The Roman Concept of lex contractus
P. J. du Plessis
Pp. 79–94

Omnes unius aestimemus assis: A Note on Liability for Defamation in Catullus V
Helen Scott
Pp. 95–110

Shorter Articles

A Note on Collatio 12.6.1 and Paulus
Robert M. Frakes
Pp. 111–115

The Buyer Who Wants to Pay More
Ernest Metzger
Pp. 115–122


Lucia Fanizza, Autorità e diritto. L’esempio di Augustus
Bernardo Periñán
Pp. 123–127

Giovanni Finazzi, Ricerche in tema di negotiorum gestio. II.1. Requisiti delle actiones negotiorum gestorum
Bernardo Periñán
Pp. 127–135

Johannes Platschek, Studien zu Ciceros Rede für P. Quinctius
Ernest Metzger
Pp. 135 –137

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