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Volume 9 [2013]

An Outline of Roman Civil Procedure

Ernest Metzger

This is a broad discussion of the key feature of Roman civil procedure, including sources, lawmaking, and rules. It co­vers the three principal models for procedure; special proceedings; appeals; magistrates; judges; and representation. It takes ac­count of new evidence on procedure discovered in the last century, and introduces some of the newer arguments on familiar but con­troversial topics. Citations to the literature allow further study.

Introduction, 1 — Surviving evidence of civil procedure, 3 — The scope of the law, 7 — The two stages, 9 — Challenges, reviews, appeals, 11 — Principal models and special proceedings, 13 — Legis actio, 17 — Formulary procedure, 21 — Cognitio, 26 — Legacy, 29.

[Pp. 1–30

Between Slavery and Freedom: Disputes over Status and the Codex Justinianus

Judith Evans Grubbs

The third-century rescripts found in the Code of Justinian provide numerous examples of disputes over status which had come to the emperor's attention. This article explores the situation of those in the liminal status between slavery and freedom as seen in the rescripts. At the same time, however, it seeks to locate the rescripts in their sixth-century context, as Justinian's guide to the law of his own day.

I. The evidence, 32 — II. Proving status, 36 — III. Kidnapping and illegal enslavement, 50 — IV. Capture and enslavement by external enemies, 55 — V. Flight and passing as free, 64 — VI. The importance of 212, 75 — VII. Conclusion: Justinian and legal spolia, 86

[Pp. 31–93


O. F. Robinson

Société, économie, administration dans le Code Théodosien. Edited by Sylvie Crogiez-Pétrequin and Pierre Jaillette. Contributions by Simon Corcoran, Sylvie Crogiez-Pétrequin, Paola Cuneo, Giovanni De Bon?ls, Roland Delmaire, Lucietta Di Paola, Julien Dubouloz, Wanda Formigoni Candini, Christel Freu, Laurent Guichard, Olivier Huck, Christophe Hugoniot, Pierre Jaillette, Juan-Antonio Jiménez-Sánchez, Aude Laquerrière-La-croix, Patrick Laurence, Andrea Lovato, Arnaldo Marcone, Aglaia McClintock, Bruno Pottier, Francesca Reduzzi Merola, Francesco Salerno, Benet Salway, Boudewijn Sirks, Emmanuel Soler, and Witold Wolodkiewicz. Villeneuve-d’Ascq: Presses Universitaires du Sept¬entrion, 2012. 558 pp. ISBN 978-2-7574-0392-1 (paper).

[Pp. 94–98

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