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Volume 2 [2004]

Law for All Times. Essays in Memory of David Daube. Edited by Ernest Metzger. ISBN 0-9764149-0-2.

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Dedication: David Daube
Ernest Metzger
Pp. v–vi

Pp. vii–viii

Law for All Times: The Work and Contribution of David Daube
Alan Rodger
Pp. 3–23

Quare? Argument in David Daube, After Karl Poppper
Ernest Metzger
Pp. 27–58

Remarks on Consensual Sale (with special attention to periculum emptoris)
Reuven Yaron
Pp. 59–76

Daube and Palingenesia
David Johnston
Pp. 77–81

From the Recent Discovery of Documents in Pompeii: The tabellae of Titinia Antracis and the Suretyship of Epichares
Joseph Georg Wolf
Pp. 82–95

Nova Species
Cornelius van der Merwe
Pp. 96–114

Postscript on nova species and Kinloch Damph Ltd. v. Nordvik Salmon Farms Ltd.
Ernest Metzger
Pp. 115–121

Arbitration in the Ius Commune and Scots Law
Mark Godfrey
Pp. 122–135

Ius Civile in Scotland, ca. 1600
John W. Cairns
Pp. 136–170

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